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Disclaimer: Don't mind the star ratings. They're apparently required for Critiques, so I just made them all neutral. The actual critiqu...


Normally today would be my longest day at school, but given that I'm sick I'm staying in today. While I'll be missing my After Effects course, the upside is that I have some more free time than usual without having to worry about schoolwork.

Now then, I'd like to establish now that I want to move forward with the Beyond the Sea Collab, but it'll be some time before I open it officially. Don't know how long exactly, but it's on the table. It'll also be some time before I edit together the next Q&A (I have a lot of answers to script for it :faint: ). 

Speaking of editing, I've been trying to iron out my YTP workflow now that After Effects has been added to the mix. While After Effects is great for a lot of things, it's really not good for audio editing or quickly splitting up large video clips, both of which are a breeze in Sony Vegas (reason being is that AE is a VFX and animation software, not a "video editor" like Vegas). 

With that, I'll be getting back to my current YTP.


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I've always loved video games, animation and story-telling, so I've developed a strong fondness of art. My inspiration for coming to deviantART was the GMod art, which I make from time to time. Outside of deviantART, I create YouTube Poops under the name MoBrosStudios and narrate Creepypastas under the name ClockworkCreeper.

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