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Disclaimer: Don't mind the star ratings. They're apparently required for Critiques, so I just made them all neutral. The actual critiqu...


Hey, remember those old SpongeBob reviews I made back in 2012? Well, I'm here to announce I'm getting back into that! And I'm gonna kick it all off by making the Top 10 Best Sp--- Okay, just kidding. 

Jokes aside, I actually do want to start making reviews. This likely comes as a surprise to those who know my history with "reviewing," but I know now that it'll be beneficial to me as an animation student to study other animated works and really look at them through a mindful critical lens, something that I did NOT do with those old rants.

Honestly, when people would tell me about how good they thought those old videos were, I would look back and think to myself, "God, these were awful!" They were pretty much on level with all the other Nostalgia Critic wannabes. Why do I say that? Because they mostly consisted of me vulgarly insulting the episodes and/or their staff and throwing in cheap pop culture references. That's not what real criticism is.

So, for whoever's interested in discussing various animated works (it could be anything from an animated film to an anime), I'll have a separate YouTube channel put up to house my reviews of them. Comments will be enabled on this one.


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United States
I've always loved video games, animation and story-telling, so I've developed a strong fondness of art. My inspiration for coming to deviantART was the GMod art, which I've more or less retired from. Today I'm studying to become a 3D modeler.

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Ouroboros-Armageddon Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
If there is one thing I've learnt about the media, it's that you'll begin to gain a deeper apparition for the good stuff (and hate the bad stuff even further).
TheMacchinaMustFall Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
This is something I've been thinking a lot about. It's not just a matter of "it's good or it's bad;" there's way too much that goes into media creation for it to be that simple. I've found that's it more important to understand how, say, the different aspects of a movie are effective or ineffective rather than just blindly loving or hating it as a whole. As a major in Digital Media and Design, we're taught to identify bad qualities and avoid creating them ourselves, not to harbor a hatred for them. Even works that have mostly poor qualities could have a few good ones.
Ouroboros-Armageddon Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Of course, it's easier in some areas than in others (and that varies between people). I'm good with making videos and have been getting into music, starting with mashups (which I'm starting to work on, I haven't fully developed the ear for it).
air30002 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015
I don't blame you for leaving YouTube. The community is awful. :X

So, what exactly will you be posting on your dA page?
MomentousGoomba39 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 16, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I know your done making YTP's (and I totally respect that), but are you done doing video's in general and/or plan on making ones from your animations? 

Also, have you ever seen Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? It's actually really good and highly reccomend it. :)
TheMacchinaMustFall Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I'm not done with videos entirely. I do plan on posting animations...Actually, I might as well bring that up in a journal entry.

I've seen a few episodes of Jojo, though it's one of the many anime that I haven't had the time to get back to.
MomentousGoomba39 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I see. :)
corneriathelombax Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
you were a good YouTube pooper real good. maybe even the best! the first ytp that I've ever watched that was made by you was squidward gets possessed by a bad lemon, but skellington's revenge really took the cake so you will be missed mobros :salute:
BlueAmtheyst Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Filmographer
I wanna know, in the 3D modeling classes you take , does it make you more grateful for CGI movies and TV shows?
TheMacchinaMustFall Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh, it absolutely does. Now whenever I look at films with really high-end CGI like the Hobbit movies or even beautiful animated features like Inside Out, all I can think about is how much work must have gone into making them, something that I feel a lot of people take for granted. A lot of folks seem to think 3D animation is as simple as sitting at a computer and pushing a few buttons, then letting the software do all the work. In reality, there's a ton more that goes into it.
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