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Hey, folks! Hope you're doing well finishing up your semesters (or being on break, for those out of class by now).

Despite my policy on not talking about any YTPs I may be working on, I feel there is something I want to update everyone on: The Chronicles of Poop. Since I already know all the remaining Poops I want to put into that canon and they're all projects that were prematurely announced, I think it'd be fair to let you all know what exactly is going on with them. Take note that I'm not trying to hype anything up, I'm not saying I'm currently working on any of these (besides a little brainstorming), and I'm not guaranteeing these projects will ever be completed. This (and the update video that I'll be making on this in the near future) will be the last time I bring these up. Now then, the remaining entries are:

:bulletgreen: Alan Under Fire 
:bulletred: NoEd House
:bulletpurple: Lunoir Carnivale YTP: |end|

These three each began as standalone story-based Poops. However, after a lot of brainstorming, I decided to re-work each of their stories to fit into The Chronicles of Poop. Alan Under Fire and NoEd House were the easy ones, as they had simpler and more flexible set-ups. You see, when coming up with the stories for these Poops, I've found I need to establish more about the world of YTP (my version of it, anyway). You might say "YTPs aren't supposed to make sense," but I want to tell an effective story rather than just throw together some random nonsense. The spirit of YTP will still be there, of course, just not in a traditional way. Since Alan and NoEd were more flexible in concept, it's been easier thinking up ways to smoothly build the world and link their stories to the first two parts (COaIP and Skellington's Revenge). Lunoir Carnivale, on the other hand, was becoming way too convoluted. 

Speaking of which, you may be asking why the name "Lunoir Carnivale" has been crossed out. The reason is that I've decided to reserve many of the story's ideas (as well as the title) for an original work. The title in its place, "YTP |end|," is just a working title (I've come up with a final title, but I'm not revealing it). A lot of the ideas I've pulled out were more suited for something original, so I've come up with a different story for this Poop that fits much better with the rest of the canon. Again, not releasing any details. 

Even though my offline life is going to keep me plenty busy, I do hope I get to put these out at some point. Here's to a bright future!


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I've always loved video games, animation and story-telling, so I've developed a strong fondness of art. My inspiration for coming to deviantART was the GMod art, which I make from time to time. Outside of deviantART, I create YouTube Poops under the name MoBrosStudios and narrate Creepypastas under the name ClockworkCreeper.

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Is there any way I can help you with your YTPs?
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What is your thoughts on Harvey Beaks?
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Hi :D I know it must have been a really long time ^^; But I just wanted to know how you were doing? :) I had a few questions I wanted to ask you :nod: If that's okay...... :iconshyfluttershyplz: Have you ever heard of a game called 'Psychonauts'? There is a PC version of the game if you wanted to play it :) And I was also wondering if you've ever watched the movie 'Coraline' :3 I personally love that movie :D
TheMacchinaMustFall Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Of course it's okay. =P I have heard of Psychonauts, but I've never played it before. As for Coraline, I very much enjoyed it. :nod:
Coraline15 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015
Awesome :D so how are you? :)
TheMacchinaMustFall Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Writing a journal entry now on my current feelings :3
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